One Year to Live Retreat

One Year to Live is NOT your typical men's retreat!


Developed by LMM in partnership with Lyman Coleman, pioneer of small group ministry, CEO and founder of Serendipity Publishing House, the One Year to Live retreat is designed to be a life changing, lay led event.

What men have to say after attending One Year to Live

Read more about this event that is changing men for Christ in the Summer 2009 issue of foundations

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Coming One Year to Live Retreats

Strawberry Point, IA
Camp Ewalu
February 19-21, 2016

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Ashland, NE
Camp Carol Joy Holling
March 4-6, 2016

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Pinewood, SC
Tracy's Camp
March 11-13, 2016

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Felton, CA
Mt. Cross Lutheran Camp
April 1-3, 2016

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Grant, CO
Camp Santa Maria
April 22-24, 2016

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 Thoughts from men who have experienced a One Year to Live retreat:

"As a man, I find it easy to over think life and attempt to control outcomes. To be the helper and not the helped, as that would be a sign of weakness, or so society would have me believe. The truth is, everyone has a story and has buried pain somewhere along the way and men are no different. The OYTL retreat allowed me to not only realize how much pain I buried, but also how to accept healing through the word of God and communion with other holy men. In essence, my faith has deepened, become more personal, and has greater meaning in my life. Not only that, I now have a very strong channel of support through my Brothers in Christ. If you are on the fence sitting there reading this, don't waste another minute over thinking about going to one of these retreats. If it feels uncomfortable, that's a fantastic place to start." -- Tony P.

 "I believe that most men desire authentic man relationships and may have even experienced those types of relationships in high school, college or maybe when they first started working. However, it is very common for men to lose those relations after marriage, children and careers take over their lives, but that does not mean they still do not yearn for those authentic relationships with other men that they had so many years ago. The OYTL retreat not only shows that there are other men also interested in authentic relationships, but these relationships are modeled for you and you are shown how you can cultivate such relationships.  I also tell men who have not been to the retreat, that at the retreat you will learn how God has absolutely been active in your life in the past, and how, in concrete ways, God can and will be a part of your life in the future." -- Mike Eason, Christian Service Director, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Ankeny, Iowa
"In a way I have come to see the OYTL program as an eye opener for me, at least that was the way it functioned for me.  My marriage has never been better since that "fateful" weekend.  I feel like an empowered father again and I have an energy and spiritual awareness that I previously was slacking on." -- James Lotz, Seminary Intern from WI
"I spent twenty years climbing the ladder of success only to find out at the OYTL retreat that I had the ladder leaning against the wrong building."

"One Year to Live" is a retreat followed up by small groups, that encourages men to seriously look at their lives, make significant decisions about their spiritual journey and work with other men to hold one another accountable for those decisions."

"One Year to  Live is an opportunity for men to explore the difference their Christian faith can make in their lives as they relate to families, people at work and others in the Christian community."The One Year to Live Retreat is a unique opportunity to experience spiritual and personal growth as part of a special fellowship of brothers."