Region/Synod Name Phone Email
Region 1
Alaska David “dc” George (907) 227-7185

Send email to David
NW Washington Tom Lucas (425) 299-2289
Send email to Tom
SW Washington Vacant
E. Wash/ Idaho  Mark
(509) 838-9871
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E. Wash/ Idaho Vacant
Oregon Mark Dahl (503) 645-2319
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Montana Vacant
Region 2
Sierra Pacific George Niesl (916) 447-7508

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SW California Vacant    
Pacifica Vacant    
Grand Canyon Curt Hahn (480) 759-0987

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Grand Canyon Pete Shevlin (702) 363-9250  
Rocky Mountain Vacant    
Region 3
Western N Dakota Calvin Schell (701) 258-3177
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Eastern N Dakota vacant
South Dakota Dick Sorum (605) 321-7588
NW Minnesota Erin Anderson (218) 299-3019
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NE Minnesota Darrell Pederson (218) 927-2028
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SW Minnesota vacant
SW Minnesota Lowell Krogstad (507) 794-2448
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Minneapolis Area Clifford Peterson (763) 784-8180
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St Paul Area Vacant    
SE Minnesota Russell Tesch (507) 835-3843
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SE Minnesota Nick Nikoley (507) 451-6335
Region 4
Mike Maulick

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Central States Norman Smith (913) 685-0293
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Arkansas / Oklahoma Vacant    
N Texas / N Louisiana Doug Krug 
(254) 977-3731  Send email to Doug
SW Texas Paul Goldenbaum (210) 239-6840
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TX / LA Gulf Coast Vacant
Region 5
Metro Chicago Bob Cano  (630) 896-7661

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Northern Illinois Russ Senti (815) 298-7724
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Central Illinois Werner
(815) 683-2707
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Southern Illinois Pastor
Richard Hertenstein
(618) 697-0673
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SE Iowa Ryan E Reid (319) 504 2836
Send email to Ryan
Pastor Steve Cauley

(563) 299-6770

Send email to Steven
West Iowa Dave Bohnet (515) 386-3163
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NE Iowa Pastor Mark Anderson (319) 352-1414
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North Great Lakes Bishop Thomas Skrenes (906) 228-2300
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NW Synod of Wisc Doug Larson (715) 235-7070

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E Central Wisconsin Vacant
Greater Milwaukee Larry Nines (262) 542-0830
Send email to Larry
S Central Synod of Wisc Jim Schieble (920) 763-3433
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S Central Synod of Wisc Nate Timm (608) 220-0139
Send mail to Nate
LaCrosse Area Vacant    
Region 6
SE Michigan Pastor Jack Eggleston (313) 821-1055

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NW Lower Michigan Vacant    
Indiana/ Kentucky Bill Smith (317) 581-8525
Send email to Bill
NW Ohio Mike Mock

Send email to Mike
NE Ohio Bernie Bresson (330) 875-2362

Send email to Bernie
Southern Ohio David Drumm
Send email to David
Region 7
New Jersey Dave Wirth

(540) 832-6942

New England Kevin McNamara (401)

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Metro New York Bob Bender (631) 281-4892
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Upstate New York

Earl Trumbower


(315) 673-4792


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Upstate New York Steve Crane

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NE Pennsylvania Ken Kurtz (610)

Send email to Ken
SE Pennsylvania John Kunes (215) 538-2743
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Slovak Zion Bishop Wilma Kucharek (860) 482-6100
Send email to Wilma
Region 8
NW Pennsylvania Pastor Mark Fischer (814) 563-5079
Send email to Mark
SW Pennsylvania Blair Morgan (412) 367-8222
Send email to Blair
Allegheny Vacant    
Lower Susquehanna Fred Bohls (717) 732-5050
Send email to Fred
Upper Susquehanna Vacant
Delaware / Maryland Rev. Paul Lundmark  (302) 764-6889

Send email to Paul
Metro Wash DC Richard White (703) 327-1144
Send email to Rich
W Virginia / W Maryland Leroy Humberston (304) 366-3434
Region 9
Virginia Orville Wolters (540) 885-6242
Send email to Orville
North Carolina Steven Hoyle
South Carolina Frank Bouknight
South Carolina Ken Heckel

South Eastern Ted Bach  

Send email to Ted
Florida-Bahamas Steve Laine (561) 392-4822
Send email to Steve
Caribbean Rev. Lancelot Mkhabela
(Pastor Temba)
(340) 775-1022
Send email to Pastor Temba

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