An Annual Nationwide Fundraising Event
in Support of Lutheran Outdoor Ministry

Outdoor ministry and men’s ministry are distinct, yet their paths and activities are interwoven in the ways that God provides for us to carry out our mission in Christ’s name. A summer-long, week-long, weekend or one-day camp or retreat experience has been the foundation for
meaningful spiritual growth for many of us—young and old alike. This is why LMM wants to provide a new opportunity for all Lutheran men, from the “Greatest Generation” to the “Newest Generation”,
to work together in a way that directly impacts outdoor ministries in a positive way.

Outdoor ministries are frequently by lakes, streams, rivers or beaches, and that’s where the concept emerged for “Come to the Water”. It also reminds us of how we came to the
waters of our baptism, and how those baptismal waters unite us across all generations — Boomers, Gen X and Y, Millennials and beyond.

“Come to the Water” is an effort of Lutheran Men in Mission to help you unleash your local creativity and enthusiasm to launch a series of local fundraising and service events that directly support the Lutheran outdoor ministry(s) of your choice. This is a lightweight, nimble, grassroots program reaching out nationwide to motivate Lutheran men across all generations to work “shoulder to shoulder” in support of the camp, retreat center or outdoor ministries that hold a special place in your hearts and minds.

The vision is a series of local fundraising events (of your choosing) that support the outdoor ministry (of your choice) orchestrated and run during Father’s Day week (or any other convenient time) by men’s groups in churches and synods across the U.S. It’s simple! You provide the enthusiasm, fundraising activity and donations; LMM provides ideas, information, sample materials and a communication network to support your success. Where, when, and what you do is up to you.

Download these files for further information and please continue to check this web site for success
stories and updated information.

 Event Introduction

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Event Feedback Form

As an example of what a Come to the Water event might be, read the documents in this ZIP file
and use or adapt them as needed.  They’re shared with you by the men of St. Paul Lutheran
in Maryville Tennessee.

Come to the
Water Event

For further information contact
George McHale

Men in Mission