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LMM would love to hear about your men’s group activities; perhaps we all could benefit from sharing??
“Imitation is not just the sincerest form of flattery – it is the sincerest form of learning” – George Bernard Shaw
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One Year To Live – A Men’s Retreat

Details, Dates, and Locations found here.

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Resources Encouraging Men to Be Better

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What does it mean to be a Bold Daring Follower of Jesus? Come find out!

Join our 2022 Virtual Gathering. More information at the Bold Gathering Webpage

 Men’s Ministry Leaders Guide

This 26 page supplement offers proven advice on starting an effective men’s ministry.  It covers 12 distinctive for a healthy men’s ministry.

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Un Ministerio Sano de Varones

Nuestra misión es fortalecer la fe, las relaciones y el ministerio de los varones mediante los recursos que publicamos, los eventos que producimos y el desarrollo continuo de líderes.

Este ministerio gira alrededor del encuentro de los varones con Jesucristo y de la ayuda de nuestra expresión nacional para que las congregaciones contribuyan a que suceda. Aprende más.


Foundations | The LMM Newsletter

It is our desire that foundations will be a source of personal spiritual growth, as well to provide information for those involved in congregational Lutheran Men’s Ministries.

Men in Mission