Lutheran Men in Mission’s 2023 Strategic Goals with Key Deliverables

Reach Boldly: 
LMM will capitalize on our unique, distinctive mission. 
            Outcome: In 2023, LMM will create and implement a marketing/ branding plan across all platforms to better reach our audience.

Reach More:
LMM will increase participation in our experiences and use of our resources from our traditional audience. 
            Outcome: In 2023, LMM will identify, recruit, and equip 50 new volunteers to serve as leaders and/or congregational contacts. Assuming success, this will mean that through these volunteers LMM will reach approximately 350 men who have previously not been part of our ministry.

Reach Wide:
LMM will intentionally reach and disciple younger, more diverse, and unreached men to be bold, daring followers of Jesus Christ.

           Outcome: In 2023, LMM will identify, recruit, and equip at least 10 leaders and/or congregational contacts from and for this audience as we intentionally seek to minister to this important demographic.

Reach Generously: 
LMM will achieve financial sustainability. 

           Outcome: In 2023, LMM will grow support for LMM through regular giving, implementation of an enhanced major gifts program, and planned giving strategy, with the goal of securing $250,000 for the fiscal year.


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