Master Builders Bible for Men, 2nd Edition

This New International Version Bible features the Men’s Ministry Leaders Supplement and 20,000 study questions written into the text that assist participants to get to know each other as they get to know God. It also features 6 courses for men each with 6 beginner and 6 advanced sessions.

The courses include:

  • Masculinity: Will the Real Jesus Stand Up?
  • Accountability: Beyond Football and the Weather
  • Discipleship: Being a Man After God’s Own Heart
  • Attitude Adjustment: Down but Not Out
  • Men at Work: Performance Anxiety
  • For Men Only: Issues Men Face
  • 200 Bible Stories with Questionnaires
  • 3 year lectionary small group study
  • and much more!

The Master Builders Bible for Men may be ordered on-line Click Here to Order or by calling 800-638-3522, ext. 2580.  Cost for the Master Builders Bible for Men is $20 per Bible (plus shipping and handling).


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