White Papers

  • The I-Go Model
    Identify. Invite. Invest. — Using the I-Go Model for Intergenerational Ministry
  • Retreats That Impact Men’s Souls
    Guys Don’t Retreat. (Or Do They?) — Using Immersive & Sequestrial Retreat Experiences To Impact The Souls of Men
  • Technology Sabbath (placeholder for now)
    Turning IT Off — How a Technology Sabbath Can Deepen Your Faith & Help You See God At Work
  • Faith Formation in the 21st Century (placeholder for now)
    Developing a Sustainable Network To Build and Strengthen Men’s Faith
  • Vetting Resources (placeholder for now)
    By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them — Identifying and Vetting Men’s Ministry Resources for Use In Your Organization and Faith Formation Network


General Documents

Men in Mission