The widespread distribution of the Master Builders Bible (MBB) is definitely an influential ministry of Lutheran Men in Mission.

The Master Builders Bible is a special edition of the Serendipity New International Bible.  Featuring a custom cover, it includes over 20,000 study questions and a Men’s Ministry Leaders guide written by Doug Haugen, Executive Director of Lutheran Men in Mission.

The Master Builders Bible is a tool to engage men in Bible study. The “I’m not a Bible scholar” intimidation factor is reduced with a common Bible and study questions designed to facilitate discussion at various levels.

Nearly 60,000 Master Builders Bibles are currently in the hands of men in our congregations, serving in the military, prisons, seminaries and God knows where else.

LMM has sponsored two initiatives to launch new congregational men’s ministries by giving Bibles to new group leaders. In the most recent effort, 6000 Bibles were spread across the 65 synods to seed 1000 new men’s groups with Master Builders Bibles for six leaders.

The Master Builders Bible for Men may be ordered on-line Click Here to Order or by calling 800-638-3522, ext. 2580.  Cost for the Master Builders Bible for Men is $20 per Bible (plus shipping and handling).

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