Making a Contribution

Lutheran Men in Mission exists to make Bold, Daring followers of Jesus Christ.

I hear more stories like these all the time-

After a life altering accident, in which I believe God spared my life, the opportunity to attend this (One Year to Live) retreat presented itself. I was reluctant to attend. As things unfolded and we worked to process, much to my surprise great healing started to take place… it was the best thing I could have done.

This caused me to get some things out of my life that don’t belong there. It also gave me a gift – Christ’s Light seen through me by other men.

There were so many parts of my life that were keeping me from being the man that I knew God wanted me to be. The retreat opened up these hidden parts of my life and made me face them with God so that He could heal and empower me to go forward with my life. 

Think of the impact these men are having on their families and congregations!

These are among the responses we receive as we pursue our singular focus of bringing every man into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through an effective men’s ministry in every congregation. Weather it’s through our leadership training, Bible studies or events the Holy Spirit is developing men who shine with the Light of Christ and empower others to move forward in faith.

With One Year to Live Retreats and other regional events scheduled for this next year, this is a most ambitious time for us.

But we also face a challenge. God has richly blessed us with gift support above last year. But as a separately incorporated self-supporting ministry we have a significant way to go to fulfill our vision for ministry today.

I’d ask two things of you: 1) This ministry doesn’t happen without prayer- please pray! and 2) would you prayerfully consider sharing a gift?  You can share that gift by mailing it to Lutheran Men in Mission 8765 West Higgins Road Chicago, IL 60631 or on-line via the LMM Donation page.  Your support makes it possible to reach more men for Christ, and more stories like those above. Thank you so much.

Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with me by phone or e-mail. We don’t do this work alone and our partnership means a great deal!

In Mission,


Doug Haugen

Executive Director

Lutheran Men in Mission


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